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Accomodation – ICC2018



Information about where to stay during the ICC

Dear competitors-spectators

Some of you are asking about where to stay during the ICC2018.

We would recommend to find a place close to the little town Borup because Friday evening, Saturday evening and the trial Sunday is at Svenstrup Estate close to Borup.

Borup is located 60 km west of Copenhagen Airport for those of you who come by airplane – approx 60 km.

The closest hotels in towns within reasonable distance of Borup are:
Scandic Hotel, Ringsted – 19 km west of Borup
Comwell Køge strand – 20 km east of Borup
– both hotels have available rooms at the moment.

If you prefer to rent a cabin or you come by autocamper we can recommend: Sorø Camping – where many of the officials have allready  booked cabins.

There are many B&B’s in the area and also other hotels. If you look for alternatives, we can recommend you to search south of Borup to minimize transport time as Saturday’s trial is on Gavnoe Castle, close to the town Næstved – 55 km south of Borup.

If you want the dog to stay in your room, please check before ordering, because dogs are not welcome in all B&B’s. All bigger hotels have rooms where you can take your dog with you.

In Denmark, the school’s autumn holiday starts the same weekend as the ICC. This  might cause additional occupancy at the hotels. Therefore, we encourage you to book as soon as possible.

If you want a quick overview of all the possibilities, search “Borup” locality on Google Maps and then search for “Hotels” and you will see plenty of opportunities.

Alternatively, search one of the other many search engines: