Friday the 12th of October

16 :00, Arrival at Svenstrup Estate, Borupvej 94, 4140 Borup, Registration of the participants in groups by nationality

16:30 Photo session – in groups by nationality

18:00 Welcoming ceremony

18.30 Draw between the participants

19:00-21:00 The ICC committee is the host at a light meal and drinks

Saturday the 13th of October

07:15, The earliest time of arrival.

07:30, Time of meeting at Gavnoe Castle. Gavnoe 2, 4700 Naestved. Please everybody, go to INFO on arrival to be checked in

08:15, Welcome and directions for the day

12:00 (approx), Lunch

16:30 – 17:00 (approx), Closure for day one

19:00, Official dinner at Svenstrup Estate. Announcement of tomorrows participants.

Sunday the 14th of October

07:30 Time of meeting at Svenstrup Estate. Please note, the parking area is different from Friday

08:30 Meeting time and registration for spectators

08:45 Welcome to Sunday’s trial. The trial begins immediately after

12:00 (approx), Lunch

15:00 (approx) Closure of day two. Before the price giving ceremony everyone present is offered coffee and cake served with compliments of Stenstrup Estate.

After conference the judges announce the winners of ICC2018. Photo session

Good bye, au revoir, biß nächtes Jahr in …SPAIN!

Please notice the earliest time of arrival is 07:15


No overnight stay in motor caravans or similar is allowed on the premises for Gavnoe Castle or Svenstrup Estate. Nor is it allowed to arrive earlier than mentioned in the program.
Please respect the privacy of our hosts for the weekend.