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Training grounds – ICC2018

Training grounds

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If you come to Denmark before the ICC is held, we can refer to these training areas.


Public area. Use the address Fægangen 18, 4180 Sorø. You drive past a BMX bicycle track, 100 meters after the track there is a road to the left to a gravel parking space. You can  train on the entire area around the lake and fields up to the woods. It is not allowed to shoot on the terrain.



Public area. Use the address: Markildegårdsvej 4-6, 4720 Præstø.Drive at Næstvedvej, when you cross the highway bridge, follow road number 265, 800 meters after the bridge, just before the city Bårse,  there is a road to the right towards some lakes. You can park right at the entrance, but it is also allowed to drive further up and park. You can train in both lakes and all the area around it. It is not allowed to shoot on the terrain.



Private area. This is a private hunting area with meadows and forest. You have to announce your arrival, and you will be given an address and directions. You are allowed to shoot in this area. Please contact flatworkers@live.dk or text by mobil to 0045 52708867 if you like to use this area.


You are welcome to contact Tanja Thorsen flatworkers@live.dk if you have any questions regarding the areas.

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